Sustainability has been at the heart of the estate since inception in 2004, with focus on restoring the environment to its natural state. Originally used as a sand quarry, Val de Vie Estate has implemented environmentally sustainable solutions through innovation and development that have resulted in a flourishing ecosystem.

Over a hundred bird species, including a thriving population of owls and other raptors including two pairs of African Fish Eagles, indicate a healthy environment. Small mammals such as duiker and African porcupines are still historically present. Twelve large lakes (previously used as quarries) total 8 hectares and surrounded by impressive homes, are habitat for Cape clawless otters and a wide range of waterfowl and fish.

Boutique farming on the Gentlemen’s Estates, River Club and The Acres inspires a ‘farm to table’ lifestyle through growing organic vegetable gardens and crops.

Biodiversity Corridor

One of the greatest threats to natural systems is the fragmentation of habitats. The development of corridors between sections of habitat has become the accepted answer to sustaining the critical biodiversity that is so important.

The Val de Vie Estate 40 ha biodiversity corridor rehabilitation program is designed to rehabilitate the area back to a more natural ecologically functional unit that is not only used by homeowners for recreation, but also as a conservation and educational area. Being a small remnant of the Swartland Alluvium Fynbos that originally covered the valley floor and which has now largely been destroyed, the bio corridor is home to nine plant species that are listed as Species of Conservation Concern (red listed or threatened plant species). Likewise, it is still home to numerous small animals that need protection before they become locally extinct; where possible, populations of these will be re-introduced.

It is envisaged that over a number of years, this area will become a flagship project for the estate, and an asset for the enjoyment of residents while remaining a home for the natural treasures that are becoming scarcer on a daily basis.

Val de Vie Estate appoints an Environmental officer for on-site monitoring of environmental issues, animal rescue and the monitoring of indigenous plant species.

Val de Vie Estate Official Bird List

Environmental Projects on Val de Vie Estate

Val de Vie Estate is home to both the spotted eagle owl and the barn owl and are frequently seen or heard by our residents.
Owl boxes have been installed to promote the natural ecosystem and give the owls a safe place to make their nests. This is one of the many initiatives to roll out to make Val de Vie Estate the most sustainable estate in the country.

Alien wasps in the Western Cape

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