Southern Africa, its communities, and businesses have the potential to thrive. However, the burden of discontinuity of electricity supply and the high cost of traditional utility services, especially in rural areas, impede growth in this region.

Rural Maintenance puts the power back into the hands of individuals, businesses, and municipalities, by securing affordable and reliable electricity for communities throughout South Africa.

We are one of two (that we know of) privately owned utility businesses in Southern Africa, having owned and successfully operated utility generation and distribution assets for over 30 years whilst still being involved with its core business.  We have established ourselves as a reputable service provider in the energy supply market, specializing in renewable energy deployments, metering, and verification systems, as well as the private operation and turnaround of municipalities and utility concerns.

We empower businesses and individuals to build towards a more sustainable future – not only by implementing systems and strategies to reduce costs, optimize resources, and improve efficiencies but also through skills transfer, expertise, and funding. Through our involvement, municipalities and communities are well-equipped to continue operating independently with great success even after our contract has come to an end, provided of course they follow the path charted.