Netelek’s more than 33 years of experience in supplying bespoke hardware and software systems to the utility industry gives it a clear understanding of the utility business environment and challenges. Some of these challenges can be listed as follows:

Utility metering, billing, asset tracking, complex tariff evaluations, ticket orchestration, remote load shedding switching, load curtailment dispatchable energy, renewable energy throttling, staff tracking, expense support documentation hosting and stock control.

Netelek’s claim to fame is managing these challenges by consolidating the business data in a single place – an open architecture hosted web application. From low-level integrations with meters, inverters and motorised switches to high-level integrations with API adapters. Netelek provides a comprehensive service of consolidating data and providing accessible tools to orchestrate instructions from.

Our technology has been successfully deployed across the private sector in South Africa, Ireland and the USA. Whereas our technology in the municipal sector has been successfully deployed in South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi and Mozambique.

Netelek’s purpose on this project is to (i) consolidate the utility data in Val de Vie (ii) ensure that the HOA is not limited to certain suppliers of hardware only and (iii) provide guidance to optimise its utility business through this new asset.