Sias and his wife, Charlötte, decided in 2015 to move from Gauteng to the Western Cape and the place of choice was Val de Vie.

Sias was asked to join the Home Owners Association as Trustee in 2016 and also to chair the Estate’s Building Committee. He is an industrial engineer with more than eighteen years’ experience in the corporate world. Sias completed his B.Eng (Industrial) degree (1982), as well as a MBA (1988).

He started his career at Yscor and then joined National Corporate Dairies, later Clover SA, in 1986 with the responsibility of designing and building production lines and factories. He held the position as Chief Engineer (Industrial Products) and later General Manager (Fresh Products). When Danone (a multi national French company) bought a division of Clover SA, Sias joined the company as Industrial Director of Danone Clover SA. In 2003, he left the corporate world to start his own business. Sias was one of the developers of Ebotse Golf and Country Estate. Today, Sias serves on numerous boards and his key strength is his ability to use his experience and expertise to lead businesses and organizations on a strategic path to ensure sustainable growth and success.