The opening of the Purple Wealth office in Val de Vie Estate took place at the beginning of September 2020, which is focused on the Discovery Purple high net worth offering.

Discovery Purple Collection is an exclusive suite of products that have been designed to deliver the most comprehensive benefits and unsurpassed rewards.

HEALTH: The Executive Plan makes sure you and your family have access to world-class benefits.

  • Unlimited cover in any private hospital.
  • Most extensive day-to-day cover.
  • Full cover for chronic conditions.
  • Access to global treatment.

LIFE: The Purple Life Plan from Discovery Life is available to clients with more than R10 million in life cover offering exclusive benefits.

  • More life cover at no extra cost.
  • Flexible global protection.
  • Personal consultant available 24 hours a day.

DOLLAR LIFE: Discovery Life International offers a collection of customizable benefits covering the full range of possible life-changing events from death and disability to severe illness, and much more.

  • Diversification.
  • Protection in USD.
  • Supplement retirement savings offshore.

INVEST: The Purple Flexible Investment Plan is available to clients with a fund value of at least R5 million. Purple Retirement Plans, Preserver Plans, and Living Annuities are available to clients with an initial lump-sum investment of R3.5 million or more. With our Purple offering, clients get access to a range of exclusive benefits that enhance these rewards.

  • Exceptional value through integration.
  • Access to income boosts on external funds.
  • Enhanced boosts on lump-sum retirement savings.
  • Additional tax-free income in retirement.
  • Exceptional value through integration.

GLOBAL ENDOWMENT: The Global Endowment provides you with a simple solution to hold international assets. It lets you invest below the prevailing exchange rate and offers you maximum efficiency through the most optimal tax and estate structuring, investment liquidity, and cost-effective international trust options.

  • Estate planning and International trust advantages.
  • Flexibility through multiple owners and beneficiaries.
  • Tax efficiency.
  • Multiple currencies.
  • Invest below the prevailing exchange rate.

INSURE: The Purple Plan is suitable if you have over R5 million in insured assets. It offers comprehensive vehicle and home insurance with enhanced benefit limits, exclusive experiences, and a dedicated Discovery Insure Service Executive unique service features.

  • Sophisticated cover that takes into account your unique needs.
  • Free asset inventory assessment.
  • Unrivalled service.
  • Supplement retirement savings offshore.
  • Multi-Vehicle benefit.
  • Annual Cellphone upgrades to the latest Apple or Samsung.

VITALITY: Designed for the most discerning of clients, Vitality Purple is an exclusive program that offers world-class rewards, luxury experiences, and unsurpassed service levels.

BANK: The Discovery Purple Card has been designed with the explicit aim of offering you a wealth of rewards and VIP travel benefits.

  • Up to 75% off a return local flight and up to 75% off one international flight booking in business or economy class.
  • Free and unlimited airport lounge visits worldwide.
  • Up to 100% back on the gym.
  • 75% back on HealthyFood items.
  • Up to 50% back on HealthyCare and HealthyGear items.
  • Up to 20% back on fuel and Uber rides.

Contact Cobus Kruger, International Fiduciary and Investment Advisor for more information at

Address: D1 Polo Village Offices

Val de Vie Estate



Tel:  073 786 4484