Dear Homeowner,

Val de Vie Utilities to replace Voltano

At Val de Vie Estate, where world-class residential and lifestyle standards are paramount, service excellence stands as one of our top priorities. A seamless service experience is integral to ensuring that residents enjoy unparalleled convenience and comfort in their daily lives.

In pursuit of this commitment, a strategic partnership between Netelek (a specialist utility management company), Rural Maintenance and Val de Vie Management has resulted in the formation of the Val de Vie Utilities company. Ultimately, Val de Vie Utilities will drive our strategic Energy Master Plan to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply in the medium term. This collaboration with industry experts ensures transparent, accurate and significantly enhanced services.

As a first step, Val de Vie Utilities is taking over electricity and water metering responsibilities from Voltano starting 1 December 2023.

Meanwhile, Val de Vie Utilities, in collaboration with with Netelek and Rural Maintenance, is conducting an

electricity infrastructure audit across the estate. The audit will be followed by an essential upgrade and maintenance work to ensure our infrastructure supports a world-class service.

We understand the importance of minimising inconvenience, and our teams are dedicated to achieving this goal. We are confident that the results will be well worth the temporary wait.

Yours sincerely,

Val de Vie HOA