With the Myelin Tennis Academy at the Val de Vie Lifestyle Centre / Pearl Valley Tennis Courts you will be able to find a professional level of coaching for all levels of players starting from beginners wanting to learn the tricks of the trade to rising junior stars wanting to refine their skills or seasoned veterans just wanting to stay fit and brush up on their tennis skills.

With our combined experience of playing tennis on all levels from junior provincial to being National champions, African champion, as well as several years’ experience playing in the USA and obtaining NCAA colours at the American College League, we believe we will be able to provide you with up to date professional coaching and advice, regardless of what your ambitions and needs are.

You will have a choice of individual lessons, semi-private lessons as well as group lessons and holidays camps to choose from. We strongly believe in keeping numbers on the court down to a minimum enabling us to give more individual attention, more accurate assessments and a more professional service. In doing so we feel that we have the best chance of producing players who will be able to compete not only locally but also on a national and international level.

Tennis has provided us with some of the best moments of our lives. We have traveled to all corners of the world, witnessed Grand Slam events and experienced many different cultures. Tennis has taught us the joy of working hard and reaching your goal, but it has also tested and molded our characters through the tougher times. Playing tennis taught us discipline and performing under pressure. In the end tennis is so much more than just playing tennis.

Join us today for a tennis lesson and become part of this wonderful sport..
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Tel: 084 2911 003