Welcome to Val de Vie Estate


Life at Val de Vie Estate

Val de Vie presents the perfect balance between nature and world-class, authentic modern living. The estate is conveniently close to Cape Town (only 40 minutes away) the airport and several excellent schools, yet maintains an enviable country lifestyle. State-of-the-art security ensures peace of mind, while the surrounding Cape countryside creates a true sense of tranquility.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the estate’s immediate neighbors Pearl Valley Golf Estate and Boschenmeer, as well as the opportunity to go horse riding on our estate trails and fly-fishing. Those who enjoy the finer things in life will delight in the culinary offerings of Franschhoek.

Residents qualify for numerous exclusive benefits, including:

  • Exceptional sport facilities
  • An on-site restaurant
  • Discounts on wine purchases
  • The opportunity to produce their own wine
  • Hiking trails
  • Picnic areas next to the Berg River
  • Polo Fields and equestrian training field


The dedicated Home Owners Association (HOA) team is proud to manage and maintain the common property of Val de Vie, namely the protected fauna and flora areas, estate landscaping and gardens and the infrastructure including security, the roads and civil works.

We are also responsible for overseeing construction activity on the estate and welcome any of your Architectural, Building and Estate enquiries. Kindly contact us here.

Interested in living here?

True peace of mind

Val de Vie Estate, with its 8km of perimeter, is protected by a 2m high wrought-iron fence, concrete plinths and full electric fence. This fence serves as the base deterrent for criminal activities, making it very hard for perpetrators to gain access. Break-in attempts trigger alarms in the Val de Vie Control room as well as at our offsite monitoring centre. This allows investigations via our CCTV network or via our onsite patrol officers.

Val de Vie is equipped two access points. These points provide entrance via 11 vehicle access lanes and three turnstiles for contract workers. Strict access control measures are in place at these points and each point is monitored with an array of cameras. Val de Vie was one of the first estates in South Africa that implemented biometric-access control measures. This allows tracking of entrance/exit, and movement of persons, a highly useful control measure.

Residents are further safeguarded from unauthorised visitors via automated booms that control access to residential villages.

Guarding on the estate is a vital component of our security. Employing 21 staff, this complement is the friendly face at the access gates, the problem solvers, the investigators, the crime preventers. Patrols of the perimeter, estate and the surrounding areas (radius exceeds 5km) are performed daily.

During the last year, Val de Vie extended its monitoring services to an off-site monitoring centre. This separation of responsibilities keeps our security levels at the highest level possible.

Val de Vie has an active security committee. Under its leadership, a longterm strategy has been formulated. This ensures risks are continuously monitored and addressed. On the immediate radar is the installation of a thermal CCTV barrier with early warning detection capabilities. Staying ahead is vital to the estate.

This encompasses:

  • the acquisition and implementation of the latest technology using over 40 thermal IP cameras along the perimeter of the property, to allow uniform images to be viewed in complete darkness or misty conditions.
  • Video analytics as a proactive method of monitoring any intrusions not only gives early warning of a potential breach but it can also reduce perimeter property damage.


In progress is also the redesign and upgrading of the supporting electrical and IT networks infrastructure to allow for redundancy which will allow the system to be secure - even in times of power outages. The system is entirely IP based and compliant with ONVIF standards. Concurrently an electronic visitor enrollment solution will be implemented, to further improve the security and access at our entrances.

All of this will position Val de Vie as one of only two residential estates in the world with a full-cover thermal perimeter and will ensure that our fibre and electrical back-bone is adequate to incorporate any additional improvements for the next 10-15 years.

A ground-breaking and integrated Berg River Valley Security Initiative has also been formulated to address some of the crimes on a greater scale in the valley. This initiative aims to share intelligence amongst neighbouring estates and was brought about by various role-players and members of the community, the police, social services and management of luxury estates such as Val de Vie and Pearl Valley who met to devise a strategy to ensure a safe and secure rural environment where all can prosper and live with peace of mind.

The whole initiative is dependent on partnership policing between all role-players in this area, building a closer working relationship between the police and the public. This strategy aims to address the day-to-day crime prevention actions in the farming areas from Du Toit’s Kloof and Klein Drakenstein through to Wemmershoek. The strategy entails monitoring the area by means of security cameras at vital entrance ways, such as the off-ramp from the N1 onto the Wemmershoek Road. Patrol vehicles will also be enlisted to cover the greater area including the farms by means of active patrolling.

All who choose to live in this wonderful Valley can unfortunately be exposed to crime in some way or another at a point in time - which is why the entire community must be involved with crime prevention as a major priority and work together; creating a network of crime-related and monitoring information. As stakeholders in the area we are adamant to develop the area into a safe haven for all who live here – making this Valley the place of choice to live in!